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The Deal on eating whole Foods

It seems ironic to write a post about tips for eating whole foods when REAL food is the basis of the original natural diet. A long time ago, pantries weren't stocked with highly processed, artificially sweetened, nutrient depleted "foods". Meals consisted of the basic food groups and consisted of local, homegrown, seasonal ingredients. Markets didn't export foods from other countries, thousands of miles away. Food wasn't produce in a factory by compounding chemicals, flavorings, and food colorings. Food was grown, in soil, and it took rain, sunshine and time! Consumers had to work for their food, literally. They made everything from scratch, because there was no other option!

Now, we find ourselves living in a culture who LOVES, thrives, demands and functions out of convienence, quick solutions, and the mentality of "I want it now!". Where has this attitude gotten us in our food industry? In the US, 34.9% of adults and 17% of children are classified as obese (CDC). I think it is safe to say that most of our society has neglected to understand fundamental knowledge on how to feed and nourish ones body to health, including planning, shopping, and cooking fresh food. There is a major need to teach our society on how to go back to the basics with food. This is one of the reasons I love eating REAL WHOLE foods. It forces me to fill my plate with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein.

Why I love eating whole Foods

- It encourages me to reconnect to a much simplier way of eating. No factory produced food, no artificial flavorings, or chemicals. My taste buds get to retrain themselves on what REAL FOOD actually taste like! Fruit becomes sweet again, your plate begins to reflect many colors and shapes, your refrigerator is stocked full of fresh produce that actually goes bad in a few days and you must eat it verses having a pantry full of food that never goes bad!

- It encourages me to reconnect to local farmers! Buying organic produce can get expensive. This is one of the main reasons why I shop at a local farmers market when possible! Produce tends to be much cheaper, fresher, and you can bet that it didn't travel thousands of miles to get to your table.

- It encourages me to explore my culinary skills and challenges me to be creative. For example, if I want to eat wholesome bread, with 5-ingredients or less, I chose to explore how to bake bread!

-It encourages me to diversify my diet. I eat way more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. I snack on nutrient dense foods that actually deposit something beneficial in my body verses eating my typical go to snack of pretzels.

-It encourages me to learn more about my body. When I refrain from filling up on highly processed foods, I experience much less bloating and feeling sluggish. I learn my fullness ques and learn to stop eating when I am full (No one ever overeats on veggies). My self-esteem is higher because I know that I am actually taking care of myself to the best of my ability.

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Tips for eating Whole Foods

1. Make a plan! You will be much more successful with a meal plan. You will eliminate last minute unhealthy dinner choices when you have already planned and shopped for healthy planned dinners.

2. Stock up on plenty of fresh produce. You can eat frozen and canned produce also, but I limit those to plain frozen produce, vegetables canned in water and fruit in 100% natural juice or water. No syrup please.

3. If you purchase packaged food, make sure it is 5 ingredients or less and consists of ingredients you actually understand. For example, bread should consist of whole wheat flour, water, yeast, honey.

4. Have snack options prepped and ready! Slices of fruit, vegetables, whole grain bread, nuts, cheese, or cup of yogurt are good options.

5. Focus on drinking water! Water is the best beverage to hydrate and replenish your cells. It also serves as a natural cleanser.

6. Be prepared for temptations: Eating out, late night snacks, desserts (that aren't made with whole foods). Have a plan for each of these scenarios.

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Stay encouraged! Remember that our culture does NOT make it easy for us to eat this way. Ironically, we have made it harder on ourselves with all of our technology and demands for convenience. Take it one meal at a time and do your best! I think if you stick with this way of eating, eventually you will crave fresh, nourishing foods! I am proud of all of those who have taken our 15 day whole foods & fitness challenge! You are becoming REAL FOOD ROCKSTARS! ~Happy whole foods eating!!

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